Tuesday, 7 August 2018

H E A L T H : Lack of Energy? Read this! 

For quite a while I’ve been tired. I always put this down to lack of sleep because I tend to eat fairly well and I exercise so couldn’t really see another reason why I would be tired. That was until I was tested for Celiac disease.

Thankfully, I don’t have Celiac disease, but I do, or did have a severe B12 deficiency. I’ve never really thought about deficiencies as I’ve never had one before and I didn’t realise how serious they can be until I began learning about Vitamins and Minerals in my new job.
If you’re always tired, constantly feeling like you need more and more sleep even though you’re sleeping fine, B12 could be your answer.

Here are a few things B12 can help with;
Energy - this is the main benefit of B12, it can boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue. Your brain will feel less foggy and you’ll feel more focused and productive!
Digestion - B12 helps keep the muscles in your intestine stay in good condition which, in turn helps keeps things moving! If you are B12 deficient this can lead to constipation. - although, don’t worry about having too much, you can’t over dose on B12 as it is a water soluble vitamin therefore your body can dispose of what it doesn’t use.
Mood - A B12 deficiency can cause low mood and even depression! I’m not totally sure what the science of behind this, but it’s proven to lift moods when taken regularly.
Hair, Skin, Nails - Girls love this one! B12 can help maintain healthy hair skin and nails, if you’re looking to grow long locks then get involved.

Some people have a B12 deficiency not because they don’t eat it, but because their body simply can’t absorb it. This is where Celiacs or people with other auto immune diseases may struggle as their intestine is more likely to be damaged meaning it struggles to absorb Vitamins. If this is the case injections would be needed.
I am not a doctor, and won’t ever be but taking B12 means I can last all day at work without feeling like I’m about to drop off to sleep any second so if you feel a little tired, I would recommend taking B12. It’s one of the few vitamins Doctors actually recommend we take along with Vitamin D (that’s if you live in the U.K.)
B12 is one of the vitamins your body cannot make, therefore the only way we get this is from food & supplements.
Best foods; Red meat, Eggs, Fish, Cows Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk - Vegan foods tend to be fortified with this vitamin as it is only naturally in animal foods so make sure you check the labels if you are Vegetarian or Vegan.

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