Saturday 19 March 2016

M U D D Y B O D Y : Clay face mask review

This face mask is the best clay mask ever! You mix it yourself so you can decide on the thickness. I mixed it a little too thick the first time I used it and my face went so tight while it was drying, I'd recommend adding a little extra water- be careful you don't want to waste it. 

I love that you get a little applicator brush included, nothing annoys me more than getting face mask all over my hands and behind my nails. So this brush makes application much less of a chore. 
I chose this muddy body mask because I know clay is great at pulling dirt out of skin. I have a few black heads on my nose, (doesn't everyone) so I'm always trying to clear these out. 
My instant reaction when I washed this off was how calm my skin looked. I'm guessing this was the aloe Vera. The redness of all my acne scars had gone down noticeably , fair to say I was pretty happy. Obviously I took a progress photo, because that's just what I do! I didn't notice much difference in the texture of my skin but I wasn't expecting to because it's not a peeling face mask. 
Currently this is the only face mask I'm using, I love that it calms the redness around my nose and makes my face look super fresh! ... I just need to watch my chocolate intake, especially now it's almost Easter, I could eat my way to a breakout. That stuff should be healthy. 


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