Friday 31 March 2017

B E A U T Y B L E N D E R S : Everyone tells you these are amazing, butno one tells you the secret.

Let me guess, you bought a beauty blender and you're using it like a regular sponge and wondering what on earth everyone is banging on about and wondering how you got conned into paying £10 for a sponge? 
If it makes you feel any better, you're just doing it all wrong! 

Beauty blenders aren't meant to be used dry. If you use it dry it will absorb your make up and go hard, therefore your make up won't look smooth, dewy and blended. You aren't mean to 'wipe' make up on to your face either, this just takes make up off. If you have blemishes like me you really won't benefit. 

  1. Soak it in water or run it under the tap until it almost doubles in size. Squeeze out all the excess water using a towel. (It should feel dry in your hand but damp when you put it on your lips.)
  2. Start off light with the foundation. As your sponge is damp, it will spread your foundation further- another little perk! 
  3. Don't wipe! You want to be dabbing all over your face until it's fully covered and even. This way all your spots (if you have any) will be hidden. 
  4. Make sure you blend into your neck line, nothing worse than a makeup line! 
  5. With your blender being damp, it will be really soft and squishy making it easier to get into the corners of your eyes and nose. Make sure you press into the corners- you can always use the tip of the sponge and a concealer for this. 
  6. Tadaa... evenly covered face with no patches & that goes even for dry or blemished skin types. 
  7. I also use my blender to lightly contour my face. I'm not into the Kardashian look but a bit of colour is needed when you're this pale. I use this Clarins BB cream as it is quite a light coverage. 
  8. Same as before, just dab on the darker foundation - or bb cream, just below your cheek bones. For this part I use the round side of the sponge rather than the flat edge. I always find it's better to do this before your foundation has dried because it blends in easier and looks much more natural. 
  9. I do the same down the sides off my nose and the use the excess left on the sponge to add depth to my temples and a little on my forehead. 

I hope you get used to your sponge or if you don't have one go and treat yourself this weekend! It is by far the best make up tool I have. 
Let me know how you get on in the comments or feel free to drop me an instant message on IG 😙



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