Sunday 6 December 2015

H A I R : The Product You Need This Winter

A few days ago I discovered a Hair Care brand while browsing Instagram. I love finding new brands and trying them out so I did no more and ordered myself some hair Keratin - I know, sounds like a drug, its not. It's an intense conditioner for your hair! 100% Protein is used in this bag of goodness, exactly what damaged winter hair needs.
Its great to give your hair a repair day at least once a week and this treatment is definitely a good choice.

You can use this product as a normal conditioner - I'd recommend not very day as it's very rich - or you can lather it through damp hair, put a shower cap over it and relax.

I used this the day it turned up in the post (I get excited) and I love it. I used it as a normal conditioner, leaving it to soak for 5 minutes. When I blow-dried my hair it definitely felt thicker, which is a huge bonus for me because I have such limp hair. A day later and my hair is feeling soft and looking shiny. It was totally worth waiting for from the other side of the pond in NZ.

Don't forget to check them out --> HAIRCANDY   and   Follow them on Insta  --> @haircandy

Ooo... I almost forgot to mention the packaging. I know its whats inside that counts but I made a few happy squeaks when it was wrapped in pink paper with gold glitter inside - it was like christmas!!!


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