Sunday 20 November 2016

T H E U L T I M A T E F O U N D A T I O N : Double Wear by Estee'Lauder'

I'm sure you have heard by now that this foundation is incredible. I'm not great with make up, I've only just learnt how to do my mascara without sneezing. I always read blogs talking about how great a certain foundation is, amazing coverage etc ... I go out and buy it and my scars and spots are still showing through, regardless of how I apply it. Wasted time and money. 
I wanted to show you that I do have things to cover up and I'm not working with a perfect-skin canvas like a lot of bloggers. Estee' Lauder Double Wear is the only foundation that covers up my uglies, stays on all day and doesn't encourage an oily face. Not to mention that you only need half the amount to cover your entire face! 
I also have the double wear light, which is a less heavy foundation, I use this one day to day. The coverage obviously isn't as great but it's better than a BB cream and it doesn't wear off throughout the day like other BB creams I have tried. I would recommend this for day to day over the thicker one to allow your skin  to breath. We don't want to be encouraging blocked pores! 
Both foundations are £30. I would consider that quite expensive for make-up, but I have decided I love it and it's worth the investment. I have at least 3 bottles of £15-£20 foundations in my make-up drawer that don't suit my skin, therefore I will never use. I think I'm better off sticking to a foundation I can rely on. 

List of all make-up used for today's face: 
  • Bare minerals Prime Time foundation base. 
  • Estée Lauder Double wear Foundation in Ivory Nude
  • Rimmel Contour crayon. 
  • Rimmel 'brow this way' brow sculpting kit in light brown. 
  • Instant lash primer by Instant Effects. 
  • Maybelline Great Lash mascara. 
  • Bare Minerals blush in 'the French kiss' colour. 



  1. Last January was my brother's wedding. My sister-in-law did her makeover from Lina Cameron, also recently I did my Spring make-up lesson from her . I was amazed to see my sister-in-law's wedding makeup. She got acne, pore skin like me. She asked to Lina for a light and glam makeup, cause she didn't want anything artificial. She used this foundation, which covered all her pores well and looked amazing. Later while doing my makeup course I asked her, she suggest me this foundation, which I absolutely in love with!<3

  2. Sorry I have only just come across your comment. I love this foundation. I must admit, I have stopped using it daily as it does take a toll on your skin, so when I feel comfortable with less coverage I use a kind paraben free foundation.